Ireland and New York have been united socially, spiritually and economically for many generations as Irish people such as Paul and Nicola typify. From oppression and terrorism of various forms, the Irish have seen places such as New York as a ‘safe haven’ and a ‘new beginning’.

9/11 changed a dynamic everywhere. Nicola has captured the essence of that ‘moment in time’. The vulnerability of the Irish landing in the new land was matched that day by the vulnerability of a people struck by terror.

And yet, tragedy and evil have not triumphed. Peoples across the oceans continue to send their positivity and strength, that is matched by the return of the same resilience of character renowned in ‘the land of the free’.

For us who have witnessed terrorism, we know the value of peace. We can learn from our past. We must pass those lessons on to the children of today and the many ‘tomorrow’s to come. This project will simply be an experience not to be missed!

Senator Cecilia Keaveney
Irish Senate